Patient Testimonials

I felt like I was standing all alone and no one in the world cared about me until I met the nurse at Southwest Community Health Center. She helped me get the care I need but more important—she lifted a mental burden and made me feel like there is hope.
I struggle with severe back pain and heart problems that are very debilitating. For months I attempted to get help without luck. I didn’t know the health systems and I didn’t even know the right words to describe my needs. I filled out many applications at all sorts of agencies but no one responded. I was close to the point of total despair.
One day when I came in for a doctor appointment at Southwest Community Health Center, the nurse pulled me to the side to talk. That is when things started making sense in my life. I felt immediately that she really cared. She made phone calls for me and advocated for me to get an MRI and other testing. She worked really hard to make sure I got enrolled in the Oregon Health Plan and that I was able to begin receiving care without delay. If it was not for her I would probably still be on a waiting list. I don’t know how to thank Southwest Community Health Center. I have no words to describe how grateful I am.

-SF, former patient at SWCHC

I have a family history of ovarian cancer so it particularly important for me to have an annual Well Woman exam.  I did not have health insurance so I was thrilled to discover Southwest Community Health Center. I have been going there for the past 3 years for my exams and I paid only $10 for each visit. The medical staff made me feel like I was in good hands. They were thorough, caring and respectful.  They answered all my questions and gave me piece of mind. In November my period was late and I suspected I might be pregnant. I was very scared about being pregnant without health insurance but when I called Southwest Community Health Center they were very comforting. I came in for an appointment the next day. The doctors confirmed that I was about 7 weeks pregnant and referred me to a great Ob-Gyn. During my visit I was also able to apply for health Insurance through Oregon Health Plan. I learned that since I am pregnant my application will be expedited. I felt really happy to know that I will receive the care I need for my pregnancy. Southwest Community health Center made the whole experience very positive for me. It is the perfect place for people who are in transition in life and don’t have insurance.

-TG, Former patient at SWCHC

“My wife and I have both been recipients of your services and I am profoundly grateful for your warm, gracious staff and volunteers. Like many in our community we are experiencing a lapse in health coverage as well as employment. SW Community Health Center fulfills such important health care needs that help alleviate the anxiety and burden that are associated with job and insurance loss…”

-JD, patient at SWCHC

I started coming to SW Community Health Center when it first opened. I am so grateful that they were there for me and others. I had so many health issues come up and I had no health insurance, so it has been a blessing to me.  Thanks to SWCHC, I was able to get my blood pressure and blood glucose prescriptions. The doctors at SWCHC treated me for walking pneumonia, bladder infections, UTIs and heart issues.  When they found a blocked artery they were able to refer me to treatment that may have saved my life. If they hadn’t been there for me I may have not survived.  Each and every doctor, nurse and medical student made me feel important and I have learned a lot from each person. Thank you so much!

-HV, patient at SWCHC

When I was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure I didn’t have health insurance. Someone told me about SW Community Health Center and they really helped me. I used to travel 2 hours on the bus to my appointments but it was worth it because coming to the clinic was a wonderful experience. I think they do a lot of good for a lot of people.

-DS, Patient at SWCHC