Muzaffar Malik

Story from the Oregonian by Kari Bray, November 07, 2013

When Muzaffar Malik lost his job in 2011 as a technician in the technology industry, health care seemed suddenly out of reach.

The 65-year-old German American, unemployed and uninsured, realized his ongoing battle with diabetes and high blood pressure was about to get a lot harder.

He went to a local senior center and got help working with Multnomah County to obtain a month’s supply of insulin, he said. It wasn’t enough.

Early on in what became an 18-month period of unemployment, someone recommended that Malik visit the Southwest Community Health Center.

At the Portland nonprofit, he found a clinic that not only provided basic care but also helped educate him about managing his diabetes.

“I talked to them, and they said yes, they would try to help me,” Malik said. “I think that is the nicest thing. I don’t think I had another option.”

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